The LGBT Casebook
Vittorio Lingiardi, Nicola Nardelli (2012)

Partner Relational Problem
Listening Beyond Homo-Ignorance and Homo-prejudice

In P. Levounis, J. Drescher, M. Barber (Eds.), The LGBT Casebook (pp. 223–230). Arlington (VA): American Psychiatric Publishing.
Capitolo di libro
Abstract. This chapter illustrates a case of a Partner Relational Problem (PRP) as described in DSM-IV-TR (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). PRP involves patterns of negative interaction and communication problems between partners or spouses, associated with impaired functioning of the individual or symptom development in one or both partners. This chapter provides clinical examples of coming out, internalized homonegativity, and sexual compulsivity. Moreover, the chapter draws attention to some difficulties that arise when clinical listening is affected by “homo-ignorance” or “homo-prejudice” (Lingiardi & Drescher, 2003).

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