Sexuality Research and Social Policy
Vittorio Lingiardi, Nicola Nardelli, Salvatore Ioverno, Simona Falanga, Carlo Di Chiacchio, Annalisa Tanzilli, Roberto Baiocco (2016)

Homonegativity in Italy
Cultural issues, personality characteristics, and demographic correlates with negative attitudes toward lesbians and gay men

Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 13(2), 95–108. doi:10.1007/s13178-015-0197-6
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Abstract. This study is an extension of earlier research that investigated the nature of homonegativity among Italian people (Lingiardi et al. 2005). We used the Modern Homophobia Scale (MHS), adapted to be more appropriate for the Italian social and cultural context. Associations were examined between homophobic attitudes, demographics, and personality characteristics and contact with lesbians and gay men. Gender issues were considered twice, from the viewpoint of both the agent and the target of the prejudice. The findings indicated that people at higher risk of possessing homonegative attitudes are older; less educated; more involved in religion and politically conservative; characterized by a more conforming, moralistic, and rule-bound personality, according to Cattell’s personality factors; and have poor contact experience with lesbians and gay men. Males tended to have higher levels of homonegativity toward gay men but not toward lesbians. Proposals to reduce antigay bias in the Italian context will be briefly discussed.

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